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Vid: SPN J2 BigBang 2010 trailer

I'm sure there are a lot of people on my flist, watching this comm, who read at least one story from BigBang. And I'm pretty sure there's no such people who didn't. But still, for those of you who haven't heard about this challenge, who doesn't know what it is - here's a little something that will help you to understand.
Promote, promote, promote. \o/
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Song: Doppler | Sweet Disposition
Artist: Immediate Music | The Temper Trap
YouTube | BVV | Download 28 MB

2007 Big Bang Masterlists | 2008 Big Bang Masterlists | 2009 Big Bang Masterlists

Credits (fics and art) in order of appearance:
Stranger Than Fiction by thenyxie | art by votaku here and by vengefuldemon69 here (BigBang 2009)
Silence = Death by benitle_writes | art by taliosi_x (BigBang 2008)
Counting the Steps to the Door of Your Heart by annella | art by starweather (BigBang 2009)
Stained Glass Masquerade by splashpink | art by eryslash (BigBang 2009)
See: Life by silentpoetry1 | art by lovelyhera (BigBang 2009)
It's a Thin Line Between Love and Hate by itsthedetails | art by missyjack (BigBang 2008)
And Her Lips Were Cherry Red by jeyhawk | art by faith_mars (BigBang 2008)
A Foreign Country by casspeach | art by griva_x (BigBang 2007)
After The Tone by kashmir1 | art by tinkabell007 (BigBang 2008)
The incestuous courtship of the antichrist's bride by fleshflutter | art by vamptastica here and by wanttobeatree here (BigBang 2009)
Apocalypse: Cancelled by jeyhawk | art by gwyntastic (BigBang 2009)
Last Stop: Chicagoland by phaballa | art by affectingly (BigBang 2007)
Dreams of War and Liars by concernedlily | art by griseldajane (BigBang 2009)
The Empty Room by germanjj | art by inane_rational here and by secretlytodream art (BigBang 2009)
Finding My Way Home Started With Finding You by ladyrhyanne | art by gigglingkat (BigBang 2008)
Topspin by lazy_daze | art by reallycorking (BigBang 2009)
The Seahorse by memphis86 | art by ignited (BigBang 2008)
False Keeper, Brother's Witness by latentfunction | art by thandie (BigBang 2009)
Do I Seem Bulletproof To You? by fleshflutter | art by wanttobeatree (BigBang 2008)
Far Away by delanach | art by dramaa_princess here and by eerie_descent here (BigBang 2009)
Imprint by mass_hipgnosis | art by bloodquartz (BigBang 2009)
A Lake Inside My Ocean by ignited | art by karmicunderpath (BigBang 2009)

Have you read something from the list? :)

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